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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

This site, Financial Service Online, uses cookies, usernames and passwords to identify and track users.

All activities performed on FS Online (searches, viewing, account management, and posting transactions) are logged and may be used by an administrator to monitor a user’s work.

Financial Services will not share user information outside of its platform except as and when required by law.

User details will be securely stored for the lifetime of the platform.

Users can contact the Financial Service administrator to see the data stored in their profile and/or suggest corrections.

Terms of Use

By using Financial Service Online I agree that:

  1. All actions performed on FS Online via my credentials are the same as if they were performed by me in person at the Financial Service counter and are therefore my responsibility
  2. All account owners, if any beyond myself, have given me permission to access this account to the level requested
  3. I will only access Financial Service Online through
  4. I will use the software only in its intended way
  5. I will not use my access to upload, download or save information which the Financial Service has not intended
  6. I will not develop or use software or code to access, alter, download, upload or otherwise interface with Financial Service Online unless Financial Service has given me prior permission in writing
  7. Termination:
    1. If I wish to end the access to Financial Service Online, I will inform the Financial Service by writing to [email protected] and await their confirmation. Or I will request this in person
    2. If the Financial Service detects fraudulent activity it may suspend or terminate the access with immediate effect, and contact me for clarification
  8. All communication will be in an electronic format to [email protected]